WYZE Lidar Mapping Robot Vacuum

The WYZE Lidar Mapping Robot Vacuum is a high-precision mapping robot that can navigate through any environment. It has 7 groups of sensors that scan 2,016 distance points and navigates its environment. With its no-go zones, you can create custom sweep routines. This robot vacuum features a scheduled sweep option so you can set it and forget it.

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  • The Wyze Lidar Mapping Robot Vacuum is a highprecision mapping robot that uses advanced laser scanning technology to navigate its environment.
  • It has seven groups of sensors which allow it to scan 2,016 distance points and avoid obstacles.
  • You can edit the map data to specify areas like rooms and hallways for targeted cleaning.
  • There is also a no go zone feature that lets you designate certain areas as off limits.
  • Finally, scheduled sweeps are available so you can set a specific time to have the robot vacuum clean your home.


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  • High Precision
  • Fast Scan
  • Can Navigate Enviroment
  • No Go Zone
  • Scheduled Sweeps
  • Recharge And Resume
  • Simultaneous Location And Mapping


  • The App Is Easy To Use
  • The Device Is Great For People With Pets