White Smudge Cleansing Clearing Energy

The Junipermist Sage Smudge Spray is a simple and effective way to purify and cleanse your home, office, or crystal collection. This spray is made with real quartz crystals that are charged in the Sedona Vortex to enhance their cleansing and clearing properties. It’s perfect for use in any environment, whether it be at home, in the office, or on the go.

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  • The product is a spray that can be used to purify, cleanse, and revitalize.
  • It is made with real essential oils and real crystals.
  • The product has no fillers, chemicals, or artificial fragrances.
  • It is sustainable and ethically sourced.
  • This product is perfect for use in homes, offices, or schools.


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  • Purifies And Cleanses
  • Rejuvenates
  • Sedona Vortex-Enhanced


  • May Be Too Powerful For Some People
  • Contains No Filler Or Chemical Sweeteners