Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works With Alex

The iRobot Roomba 671 is a versatile and powerful robot vacuum that can tackle any floor type. It features a three-stage cleaning system that includes preprogrammed routes, so it will only need to pass through certain rooms or areas of your home. This makes it perfect for use in apartments, condos, or offices where you don’t want to have to worry about running out of battery power while cleaning. The dual multi-surface brushes are made of soft yet durable materials that are gentle on delicate surfaces like rugs, wood, and fabrics. With its patented Dirt Detect sensors, it will only need to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home.

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  • The Roomba 671 robot vacuum has a 3stage cleaning system that can remove both dust and pet dander.
  • It has dual multi surface brushes that can pick up everything from small particles to large debris.
  • The robot vacuum has full suite of sensors that guide it around furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors.
  • The edge sweeping brush is specially designed at a 27 degree angle to sweep debris away from edges and corners.
  • You can run for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging.


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  • Comes With A Cleaning Head
  • Lets You Choose Your Own Cleaning Routine
  • Schedules Cleaning To Occur At Certain Times Of Day
  • Dirt Detect Sensors Guide It To High-Traffic Zones
  • Full Suite Of Intelligent Sensors
  • Can Be Controlled Via The Home App


  • Random Pattern
  • May Get Stuck On Lamp Cords And Dog Toys