Robot Vacuum with Advanced Mapping, 3000Pa Suction

The YEEDI VAC Robot Vacuum is perfect for use in any home. With its powerful suction and smart technology, this robot vacuum can be used to clean any type of surface. This robot vacuum features a virtual boundary that prevents it from going over furniture and other objects in the room. It also has a carpet boost function that increases its suction power to the max when on a carpet. The YEEDI VAC Robot Vacuum is easy to set up and use. It comes with a user manual and quick start guide so you can get started right away.

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  • The YEDI VAC Robot Vacuum has a powerful suction that loosens and sweeps away dirt from all surfaces and corners.
  • It also has a side brush and floating rolling brush for superior performance.
  • The robot vacuum is equipped with an advanced visual mapping and floor tracking sensor that enables it to map your floors quickly and efficiently.
  • You can edit the robot vacuum’s home map through the app to customize cleaning areas and avoid cleaning areas that may be contaminated.
  • The robot vacuum is also voice controlled and can be set up as a no go zone.


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  • Unstoppable Power
  • All Debris Cleansing
  • Perfect For Carpet And Hard Floor Vacuuming
  • Advanced Visual Mapping
  • Carpet Boost
  • Advanced Sonic Carpet Sensor
  • Editable Home Map
  • Auto Recharge And Resume Cleaning


  • Difficult To Control Without A Remote