OXO Cold Coffee Maker 11237500

The OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a compact, easy-to-use French press that brews low acid coffee concentrates for making hot or cold coffee. It features a durable plastic carafe that has a detachable lid, so you can easily clean it. The detachable lid also makes it easy to store the carafe in your fridge.

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  • The OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker can brew low acid coffee concentrates.
  • It has a compact size (taking up less space on countertops and in refrigerators) and features a draining system.
  • The machine is easy to use with no manual buttons or dials.
  • It yields up to 16 ounces of coffee concentrate per batch.
  • The ultrafine, reusable stainless steel mesh filter prevents grounds from escaping into your brew.


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  • Coffee Concentrate
  • Low Acid
  • Quick And Easy To Use
  • Reasonably Priced


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