NOW Essential Aromatherapy Distilled 1 Ounce

The NOW Essential Oils, Neroli Oil, Deeply Floral Aromatherapy Scent is perfect for those looking for a safe, natural alternative to toxic, artificial aerosol sprays or messy candles. Made in state-of-the-art laboratories, this product is 100% pure and free of synthetic ingredients, delivering the very best benefit of the source of the plant, fruit, seed, flower, bark, stem, root or leaf from which it comes.

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  • The product is made by Now Foods using steam distillation.
  • It is 100% pure and has no synthetic ingredients.
  • The company offers a money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.
  • This product is clean and safe to use as an alternative to aerosol sprays or candles.


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  • Tastes Great
  • Can Be Used In Diffusers To Breathe Fresh Air Into Rooms Or To Enjoy Aroma That Relaxes Or Stimulates Your Mind
  • Comes In High Concentration And Is 100% Pure And Free Of Synthetic Ingredients
  • Safe, Natural Alternative To Toxics, Artificial Aerosal Sprays Or Messy Candles


  • May Arrive Warm