NaceCare GVE 370 “George” Wet/Dry Extractor Va

The NaceCare GVE 370 is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used on any type of surface. It features a 1. 6 hp vacuum motor that provides excellent water recovery and airflow. The handy carrying handle makes it easy to move around, while the ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures that water does not get into the motor. The polypropylene tanks are made from durable material and will last for years of use.

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  • The NaceCare GVE 370 has a powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor that can provide excellent water recovery.
  • The motor also has 110″ water lift and 95 cfm of airflow.
  • Handy carrying handle for dumping.
  • The ball float wet shut off assembly ensures water does reach the motor.
  • Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility.


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  • Powerful 1.6 Hp Vacuum Motor
  • Carrying Handle For Dumping
  • Handy Carrying Handle
  • Polypropylene Tanks For Durability And Mobility
  • Ideal For Spotting, Upholstery Cleaning, And Vehicle Detailing


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Types Of Jobs