Eyliden Hand Push Carpet Sweer – No Noise, Non Electric

The Eyliden Carpet Sweeper is perfect for quick, easy manual sweeping. It features two brushes for optimal debris pickup, and its compact design makes it easy to store and use. With no noise, this is an ideal choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and energy-saving way to clean their carpets.

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  • Eyliden Carpet Sweeper has Dual Rotating Brush Rolls that pick up large and small debris on forward and return passes.
  • The product comes in four colors: Black, Red, Mint and White.
  • Hand Push Carpet Sweepers have a compact, lightweight design that makes them easy to use and store.
  • The sweeper also features an automatic compact function that empties the internal trash box at the end of each cycle.
  • Finally, the product is made from environmentally friendly materials and is designed to be safe around children and pets.


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  • Easily Push Back And Forth For Effective Cleaning
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Can Be Used On Hardwood Floors Too
  • Very Quiet


  • The Handle Came Apart After A Few Months