Dreametech T20 Cordless Stick Vacuum with 25kpa Powerful Su

The Dreametech T20 is a powerful and versatile household vacuum cleaner that can tackle any job. With its cordless design, it’s easy to use and saves space on your countertop. It has four cleaning modes for different surfaces and comes with several brushes for easy use. The T20 is perfect for use on any surface, from carpeting to wood, tile, and stone.

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  • The Dreametech T20 is a cordless vacuum that can generate 150AWsuction power and 25KPA suction force.
  • It has a high speed motor that can operate at 125,000RPM.
  • The T20 also features a set of hair free design built into the roller, which can peel off any hair that would get wrapped around the roller during operation.
  • The T20 has 4 levels of suction, allowing you to choose the right amount of suction for different surfaces.
  • The T20 also has intelligent suction power optimization, which adjusts suction power across floor types.


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  • Cordless
  • Can Be Controlled With A Smartphone
  • Loud Noise Level
  • Easy To Install
  • Self Adapting Suction Head And Mode


  • May Not Come With A Mounting Bracket