Casdon Dyson Ball Replica For Children Age 3+

The Casdon Dyson Ball is a great way to get children interested in science and technology. With its working suction, it’s perfect for little hands to explore and play with. This mini ball can be used to pick up small items, move around, and even put it in your mouth!

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  • The Casdon Dyson Ball is a vacuum cleaner that is a direct replica of The Dyson Pure Cool, which was released in 2016.
  • It has working suction to pick up small bits of paper as well as a removable debris drawer.
  • The Dyson Ball also twists and turns just like The real thing.
  • This makes it a perfect toy for children who want to explore their imagination and develop social skills.
  • The bright colors on The Dyson Ball encourage children to explore their creativity and stimulate their vision.


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  • Can Be Used Independently
  • Realistic Sound And Feel
  • Twist & Turn Action
  • Removable Debris Drawer


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Ages