Bodum Coffee Maker Permanent Filter

The Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter is perfect for those who are looking for a simple and convenient way to brew their favorite beverage. This coffee maker features a permanent filter that helps to remove unwanted bitterness from your coffee while still allowing all of the essential oils and subtle flavors to pass through. It also comes with a carafe that is made of high quality borosilicate glass that is both durable and heat resistant. With its quick and easy operation, it is perfect for brewing a fresh cup of coffee in minutes.

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  • The Bodum 11571 109 Pour Over Coffee Maker has a permanent filter and is made of stainless steel.
  • It also has a coffee carafe made of durable, heat resistant borosilicate glass with Cork Band detailing.
  • The coffee maker is quick and easy to use, simply adding coarse ground Coffee to the filter, pouring a small amount of water in a circular motion over the grounds, and then adding the remaining water.
  • Pour Over Coffee Maker makes 8 cups of Coffee, 4 oz each; Dishwasher safe


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  • Pour Over Coffee Maker Allows You To Brew An Excellent Cup Of Coffee In Minutes
  • Stainless Steel Filter Helps Extract Your Coffee’S Aromatic Oils And Subtle Flavors Instead Of Being Absorbed By A Paper Filter
  • Coffee Carafe Made Of Durable, Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass With Cork Band Detailing
  • Quick And Easy
  • Servings


  • Glass Gets Hot And The Pinky Side Of Your Hand Can Get Hot Trying To Pour The Coffee
  • The Only Insulation Is The “Corset” Around The Neck, So There Is Nothing Insulating The Bottom That Has The Coffee