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How To Choose The Best Sam Maloof Rocking Chair

What is the Purpose Of A Sam Maloof Rocking Chair?

The Maloof family has been making fine furniture for generations. Their products are known for being sturdy and well crafted. One of their signature pieces is the Maloof rocker. This piece was originally created by John Maloof Sr., the founder of the company. He named it after his son, Sam. Today, the Maloof family continues to produce quality furniture.

Is Sam Maloof Furniture Worth Buying?

Sam Maloof's furniture is definitely worth purchasing. Not only does he create beautiful designs, but he makes sure each product meets his exact standards. His goal is to ensure that his customers receive nothing short of the highest level of customer service possible.

Make sure you know exactly which model you'd like to purchase. Each style comes in several variations. Make sure you choose the right version based on your needs.

Don't forget to check the warranty period. Certain warranties cover defects for a certain amount of time.

Do Sam Maloof Rockers Come With Wheels?

Yes, Sam Maloof rockers come with wheels. However, you must decide whether you'd prefer a swivel base or fixed base. Swivels are great for moving around your house. Fixed bases are ideal for sitting outside.

Does Sam Maloof Furniture Have An Assembly Required?

No, Sam Maloof furniture doesn't require assembly. All you have to do is unpack the box and put together the pieces.

Can Sam Maloof Rockers Be Moved Easily?

Yes, Sam Maloof rockers can be moved easily. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Sam Maloof Rocking Chair

Sam Maloof has been making rockers for years now. His products are known for being sturdy and well built. If you own a rocking chair, chances are it was made by him.

Why Are Sam Maloof Rocker Chairs Better Than Other Brands?

Quality is important when choosing a rocking chair. Sam Maloof makes sure each piece meets certain standards before he ships it out. That way, customers know exactly what they're getting. Sam Maloof rocking chairs are crafted with solid hardwood frames and thick cushions. Each model comes with a warranty so you know you're covered if anything happens.

Is Sam Maloof Rocking Chair Right For My Home?

If you live in a warm climate where temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, then you might prefer a rocking chair that doesn't rattle too loudly. Sam Maloof rocking chairs are quiet enough to listen to music or watch TV. But if you live somewhere cold, you probably wouldn't enjoy sitting in a rocking chair during winter months.

Features to Look For When Buying a Sam Maloof Rocking Chair

The Sam Maloof rocking chair has been around for decades now. If you've ever seen it, you know exactly why it's so well known. Its design is simple yet elegant. It features a solid oak frame and rockers which give it its name. The Sam Maloof rocking chair was originally created by Sam Maloof himself. He wanted something sturdy and reliable that he could pass down to his family. Today, the Sam Maloof rocking chair continues to be manufactured by Maloof Furniture Company.

Is It Easy To Maintain?

Maloof rocking chairs are extremely easy to maintain. All you really need to do is dust the pieces occasionally. Don't forget to vacuum underneath the seats too. Make sure to check the warranty before purchasing a Maloof rocking chair. Warranty information varies depending on where you purchase your rocking chair.

Do They Come With Wheels?

Some Maloof rocking chairs come with casters attached to the bottom. Others don't. Either way, you shouldn't worry about whether or not your Maloof rocking chair comes with wheels. Even though they might seem unnecessary, they actually serve a purpose. Casters allow you to move your rocking chair around the room. Without them, you'd have to lift the entire piece of furniture into position.

Can I Put Heavy Objects Onto My Maloof Rocking Chair?

Yes, you can put anything onto your Maloof rocking chair. Just remember that the weight limit depends on the model you choose. Generally speaking, the larger the rocking chair, the higher the weight limit.

Does It Have An Arm Rest?

Many Maloof rocking chairs come equipped with arm rests. However, some models don't. Regardless, arm rests are optional accessories. They're meant to provide additional support for your arms and shoulders.

Should I Get One That Has Arms Or No Arms At All?

It doesn't matter whether you decide to go with a Maloof rocking chair that has arms or no arms at all. Both designs are equally functional. However, if you prefer to have arms, you should opt for a rocking chair that has four arms. Otherwise, you'll only be able to rest two hands on each side.

Which Style Is Best?

Traditional - Traditional Maloof rocking chairs are characterized by their traditional styling. Their frames are straight and square. They also have curved legs.

Different Types of Sam Maloof Rocking Chair

The Maloof family has been making quality products for generations. Their company was founded by Sam Maloof Sr., who started his business in 1946. He began working with woodworking tools at age 13. His father taught him everything he knew about carpentry. Today, the Maloof family continues its tradition of producing fine furniture.

Sam Maloof Jr. took over the company in 1976. Since then, he's continued to expand the company into several product lines. One of these product lines includes rockers. Rocker designs vary depending on the type of material being used. Woodrockers are crafted from solid hardwood. Metalrockers are manufactured from aluminum. Plasticrockers are created from polypropylene resin. Each style offers unique benefits.


Woodrockers are ideal for outdoor settings. They're weatherproof and resistant to rust. Additionally, they're lightweight and portable. If you plan on taking your rocker outside, it's important to cover it with a tarpaulin. Otherwise, rainwater might seep inside and cause mold growth.


Metalrockers are great for indoor environments. They're sturdy and reliable. Unlike woodrockers, metalrockers are impervious to moisture. Because they're so strong, they're perfect for commercial applications.


Plasticrockers are versatile. They're inexpensive and easy to transport. Plastics are light weight and flexible. Thus, they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Although plastics are cheaper than metals and woods, they lack durability. Over time, they become brittle and crack.

Which Type Of Rocker Is Best For My Home?

It depends on where you live. If you live in a humid climate, choose a woodrocker. If you live somewhere dry, go with a metalrocker. If you live in between climates, select a plasticrocker.

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