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How To Choose The Best Kiln Dried Wood

What is the Purpose of a Kiln Dried Wood?

Kiln drying is a process where wood is heated in order to dry it completely. During this process, moisture evaporates from the wood leaving behind only its natural color and texture. Kiln drying makes wood stronger and more resistant to insects and rot. It's important to note that kiln drying doesn't kill bugs or pests. Instead, it simply dries them out so they can no longer survive inside the wood.

Is Kiln Drying Safe?

Yes! Kiln drying is safe for both humans and pets. Although it does leave behind toxic gases during the heating process, these fumes dissipate quickly once the wood has been removed from the oven. If you live near a forested area, you might notice smoke coming from the woods. That's normal and harmless.

Does Kiln Drying Make My Firewood Last Longer?

The answer depends on which type of wood you choose. Generally speaking, hardwoods burn hotter than softwoods. Hardwoods contain higher amounts of tannins and resins making them harder to ignite. Softwoods contain lower levels of tannin and resin making them easier to light. Because of this, hardwoods burn faster than softwoods. But, softwoods can actually burn longer than hardwoods.

Can I Dry My Own Firewood?

Sure! All you need is a stove, chimney, and a few tools. First, cut your firewood into pieces measuring approximately 2 inches by 4 inches. Next, stack the pieces vertically in layers separated by thin sheets of newspaper. Stack the paper around the outside edges of the pile. Then, cover the entire pile with another layer of newspaper. Afterward, wrap the whole thing tightly with aluminum foil. Place the wrapped bundle in the center of your fireplace and wait for it to start burning. Once the flames begin to die down, carefully open the package and let the fire continue to smolder. Repeat this step until your firewood is fully dried.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln drying is a process where wood is heated by passing it through a chamber filled with hot air. During this process, moisture evaporates from the wood leaving behind only its natural color and texture. Once dry, the wood becomes ready to burn. If you purchase kiln dried wood, you'll know exactly what you're getting. This type of wood has been processed so that it's safe to burn. Additionally, it burns cleaner and produces fewer emissions during combustion.

Is Kiln Drying Better Than Other Types of Firewood?

Some people think that kiln drying is superior to other methods of processing firewood. While this might seem true, it isn't always the case. For instance, kiln drying requires specialized equipment which makes it expensive. Furthermore, it takes several days before the wood dries completely. This results in higher transportation costs. In contrast, other forms of firewood processing leave the wood wet and raw. Because of this, the wood must be dried slowly over a period of weeks or months. This method is cheaper and faster than kiln drying. But, it doesn't guarantee safety.

Does Kiln Drying Make My Home Smarter?

Many homeowners believe that kiln drying makes their homes smarter. After all, they claim that the smoke produced by burning kiln dried wood smells good. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Smoke released from kiln dried wood contains harmful toxins and carcinogens. These substances pose serious health risks especially to young children and pregnant women.

Can I Burn Kiln Dried Wood At Home?

Yes, you can burn kiln dried wood at home provided that you follow certain guidelines. First, ensure that the fireplace is properly vented. Second, install carbon monoxide detectors near the chimney flue. Third, check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the amount of fuel needed per hour. Fifth, remember to extinguish the fire once it's finished burning. Lastly, dispose of ashes responsibly.

Features to Look For When Buying a Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln drying is a process where wood is heated by burning it inside a chamber. Once dry, the wood becomes hard enough to withstand weathering and insect attacks. Kiln drying makes wood stronger and improves its appearance. Additionally, it reduces moisture content which increases density and strength. Kiln drying is commonly done indoors. But, you can also purchase kiln dried wood outdoors.

Is Kiln Drying Safe?

Yes! Kiln drying is safe. If properly maintained, kiln dried wood lasts for decades. That's why it's important to choose quality kiln dried wood. Quality kiln dried wood has been inspected and certified by a third party inspector. Inspectors check for defects such as knots, cracks, warping, and termites.

Does Kiln Drying Make My Logs More Durable?

Yes! Kiln drying makes logs more durable. Because kiln dried wood is denser, it absorbs fewer pests and insects. Furthermore, it doesn't absorb moisture as quickly. Thus, it stays fresher for longer.

Can I Dry Firewood Outside?

Firewood must be dried before being burned. Otherwise, it might catch fire during transport or storage. Outdoor drying requires special tools and skills. First, you'll need a tarpaulin to cover the ground around your log pile. Next, you'll need a stove to burn the wood.

Different Types of Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln drying is a process where wood is heated in order to dry it completely. During this process, moisture evaporates from the wood leaving behind only its natural oils and resins. Once the wood has been properly dried, it's ready to burn. If you've ever tried burning wood, you know that it produces smoke and ash. But by heating the wood before it burns, you eliminate both of these problems.

Types of Kiln Dried Wood

There are three main types of kiln dried wood. Each type offers unique benefits depending upon which part of the tree was used to create it.

Hardwoods - Hardwoods are trees that grow straight up. Examples include oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and hickory. Hardwoods are dense and strong making them ideal for building furniture. Because hardwoods contain lots of resin, they produce a great deal of smoke during combustion.

Softwoods - Softwoods are trees that grow horizontally. Examples include pine, fir, spruce, cedar, cypress, and hemlock. Unlike hardwoods, softwoods don't contain enough resin to cause significant amounts of smoke. Instead, they emit a pleasant aroma.

Benefits of Kiln Drying

The primary benefit of kiln drying wood is that it eliminates the risk of catching fire. Fireplaces and outdoor fires are dangerous places to light a log. Not only does the flame pose a threat to nearby flammable material, but it also creates thick clouds of smoke. With kiln drying, you no longer have to worry about starting a forest fire.

Dangers Associated with Burning Wood

While kiln drying reduces the risks associated with lighting a fire, it doesn't eliminate them entirely. One danger is that the flames produced by burning wood can ignite combustible materials near the fireplace. Additionally, the intense heat generated by burning wood can warp or crack wood pieces. Lastly, the ashes left behind by burned wood can clog drains and pipes.

Burning Tips

Before you start burning wood, ensure that you follow safety precautions. First, make sure that you have adequate ventilation so that the fumes don't build up inside your house. Second, never leave a lit fire unattended. Third, always extinguish a fire immediately once it starts smoldering. Fourth, make sure that you have plenty of nonflammable material around the fireplace.

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