venrey Fire Pit Cover Square 32x 32x 24, 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof Breathable Oxford Fabric Patio Fire Table Cover, Fits for 28/30/31/32 Inch Fire Pit/Table, Indoor/Outdoor - Black


Vailge Fire Pit Cover,100% Waterproof Round Patio Fire Bowl Cover,Outdoor Heavy Duty Gas Firepit Table Covers with Air Vent and Handle,32" D x 16" H,Beige & Brown


Vailge Fire Pit Cover,100% Waterproof Round Patio Fire Bowl Cover,Outdoor Heavy Duty Gas Firepit Table Covers with Air Vent and Handle,50D x 24H,Beige & Brown


Fire Pit Cover Round Waterproof Firepit Cover 600D Heavy Duty Thick PVC Coating with Buckles, Drawstring Closure & 2 Air Vents Patio Anti-UV Cover for Fire Pit Outdoor (36 inches)


Fire Pit Covers Round Firepit Cover for 26-34 inch, Waterproof Heavy Duty Outdoor Fireplace Fire Bowl Cover with Thick PVC Coating Anti-Crack Dustproof Anti UV All-Season Protection (34" Dia x 15" H)

How To Choose The Best Fire Pit Cover

"Fire Covers": What Is The Purpose Of A Fire Pit Cover?

The purpose of a fire pit cover is to shield the sides of the fire pit from rainwater runoff. If left uncovered, the sides of the fire pit become slippery and dangerous. Water running onto the side of the fire pit can cause it to catch fire. Additionally, the sides of the fire pit can burn if exposed to flames.

How Does A Fire Pit Cover Protect My Firepit?

By covering the sides of the fire pit, you ensure that no water runs into the pit. Rainwater falling directly onto the sides of the fire pit causes sparks which can ignite nearby combustibles. Furthermore, by protecting the sides of the fire pit, you reduce the risk of burning yourself.

Is A Fire Pit Cover Necessary?

Yes! Even though a fire pit cover protects the sides of the fire pit, it doesn't necessarily protect the bottom of the pit. Since the sides of the fire pit are covered, the sides of the fire pit remain dry. But, the bottom of the fire pit remains wet. Thus, the bottom of the fire pit becomes slick and potentially hazardous.

Can I Build My Own Fire Pit Cover?

Sure! All you need is wood planks, nails, screws, glue, and paint. First, cut two pieces of plywood to fit inside each end of the fire pit. Then, nail the boards together along the edges. Next, apply a coat of primer and let it dry completely. Once the primer dries, spray another coat of paint on both sides of the board. Let the paint dry before applying another layer of paint. Repeat this process until you've applied four coats of paint. Afterward, sand the entire piece of wood to create a smooth finish. Lastly, attach the fire pit cover to the ends of the fire pit using screws.

"Fire Covers":The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Fire Pit Cover

There's nothing worse than sitting around a campfire, enjoying the warmth of the flames, only to discover that it has been raining outside. If you've ever experienced this scenario before, you know exactly why we recommend investing in a good quality fire pit cover. Not only does a fire pit cover protect your investment, but it also protects the environment by preventing rainwater runoff into nearby streams and rivers.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Fire Pit Cover?

First and foremost, a fire pit cover prevents rainwater from entering your fire pit. Rainwater contains harmful bacteria which can cause serious health problems. Additionally, rainwater carries soil particles and debris into waterways where fish and wildlife live. Furthermore, rainwater can erode the ground beneath your fire pit making it unsafe to walk on. Lastly, a fire pit cover reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is produced during combustion processes and can build up inside enclosed areas.

Is It Worth Spending Money On A Fire Pit Cover?

Yes! Investing in a quality fire pit cover is well worth the money. First, a fire pit cover is inexpensive. Second, it lasts forever. Third, it comes in multiple designs so you can choose the style that suits your needs. Fourth, it's easy to install. Fifth, it doesn't interfere with your ability to enjoy outdoor activities. Sixth, it's environmentally friendly. Seventh, it makes your fire pit safe. Eighth, it looks great too!

Should I Purchase An Outdoor Furniture Company That Offers Custom Made Fire Pit Covers?

Absolutely! We highly recommend purchasing custom made fire pit covers from an outdoor furniture company. Unlike mass manufactured products, custom made fire pit covers are built to fit perfectly. Moreover, they're guaranteed to withstand years of wear and tear. Last, they're created by skilled craftsmen who understand the unique requirements of fire pits.

"Fire Covers": Features to Look For When Buying a Fire Pit Cover

The fire pits we carry are manufactured by companies that specialize in outdoor living products. We've selected only the highest quality brands so our customers know they're getting great products. Our goal is to bring you the best selection of fire pit covers possible. That's why we carefully select each product based on its features and performance. Here are some important factors to consider before purchasing a fire pit cover.

Material - How does it perform?

Size - Are the dimensions right for your fire pit?

Types of Fire Pit Covers Available

There are two main categories of fire pit covers: permanent and portable. Permanent covers are meant to stay where they are permanently attached to your fire pit. Portable covers are intended to be moved around whenever needed. Both kinds of covers serve the same function; however, they differ in terms of durability and ease of installation.

Portable fire pit covers are ideal for temporary installations. They're lightweight and compact enough to transport anywhere you go. But, they lack the strength necessary to support the weight of a full sized fire pit. Instead, they're meant to be placed directly onto the ground. Because they're lighter, portable covers are easier to install. Once set up, they're ready to go wherever you decide to put them.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Fire Pit Cover

Before making a purchase, think about which type of cover you'd prefer. Permanently mounted covers are sturdy and reliable. They're perfect for protecting your fire pit during inclement weather. They're also good for providing additional storage space underneath. Portable covers are convenient because they're light and easy to store. But, they're not nearly as strong as permanent covers. They're also prone to being blown away by the wind.

Installation Tips

Installing a fire pit cover is simple. First, measure the circumference of your fire pit. Then, determine whether you'd like a traditional or contemporary design. Next, choose between a permanent or portable cover. Lastly, follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing your chosen model.

"Fire Covers": Different Types of Fire Pit Covers

There are several types of fire pits. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss three main types of fire pits - open fires, covered fire pits, and gas fired fire pits.

Open Fires

An open fire pit is simply a hole dug into the ground where wood logs are placed. Open fires are great for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Although they burn hot, they produce minimal smoke. Because they're so simple to build, open fires are inexpensive. But, they lack insulation and ventilation which makes it difficult to enjoy the warmth inside during cold weather.

Covered Fire Pits

A covered fire pit is essentially a fire pit surrounded by a protective enclosure. Covered fire pits are ideal for indoor use. They insulate the surrounding environment and create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, they block outside noise and reduce the risk of burns. Unfortunately, covering a fire pit increases the amount of fuel needed to start a fire. Thus, covered fire pits are expensive to operate.

Gas Fired Fire Pits

The third type of fire pit is a gas fired fire pit. Gas fired fire pits are the most common type of fire pit. They consist of a steel frame encasing a burner. Gas fired fire pits are extremely efficient and generate low amounts of smoke. They're also safe to use indoors. However, they're expensive to purchase and install.

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