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How To Choose The Best Decorative Barrels

What is the Purpose Of A Decorative Barrels?

Decorative barrels are great additions to any room. They create a unique focal point and serve as storage containers. If you've ever seen a movie set where someone has a collection of antique bottles, you know exactly what we mean. People love decorating their homes with vintage pieces. With a few simple steps, you too can transform your house into something truly special.

How Does A Decorative Wine Barrel Add Value To My Home?

Wine barrels are perfect for storing wine, beer, liquor, or anything else that needs to age properly. Since they're so versatile, you can put them anywhere in your home. From the living room to the bedroom, dining room, bathroom, garage, basement, attic, or shed, a decorative wine barrel makes a wonderful addition to any room.

Do I Need Professional Assistance To Install One?

No matter how skilled you think you might be, installing a wine barrel takes patience and practice. First, you must determine whether it's possible to install a wine barrel by yourself. Then, you'll need to measure the interior dimensions of the space where you plan to install the barrel. Next, you'll need to purchase the appropriate sized barrel. Afterward, you'll need to cut the wood to fit inside the barrel. Once everything is ready, you'll need to drill holes for the screws that secure the lid onto the barrel. Lastly, you'll need to stain the exterior of the barrel before applying a protective coating.

Can I Paint Or Stain The Interior Of A Wooden Barrel?

Yes! While you certainly shouldn't paint the interior of a wine barrel, you can apply stains to give the interior a beautiful appearance. Before you start, however, you'll need to thoroughly clean the interior of the barrel. Make sure to wash the entire interior with warm water and detergent. Afterwards, rinse the barrel well with fresh water. Allow the barrel to dry completely before proceeding with the next step.

Is It Safe To Store Liquor Inside A Wooden Barrel?

While it's safe to store alcohol in a wooden barrel, you'll want to follow certain precautions. First, never leave alcoholic beverages unattended. Second, always ensure that the container is tightly sealed. Third, never let anyone drink directly from the bottle stored inside the barrel. Fourth, never pour liquid into the barrel unless it's empty. Fifth, never mix multiple kinds of alcohol together. Sixth, never store food near the barrel. Seventh, never store the barrel outside during cold weather conditions. Eighth, never store the barrel in damp areas. Ninth, never store the barrel above ground level. Tenth, never store the barrel in extreme temperatures.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Decorative Barrels

Decorating your house with beautiful decor has become increasingly popular among homeowners. One way to achieve this goal is by adding unique pieces to your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. If you've been thinking about getting a few decorative barrels for your home, here's why it makes sense to purchase them.

Benefits of Buying Wooden Wine Barrels

Wooden wine barrels are great additions to any home. Not only does wood give a rustic appeal to your home, but it also gives your home a warm feeling. Wood is naturally resistant to moisture and pests. This makes it ideal for storing food products. Additionally, wood is extremely versatile and can be painted, stained, varnished, or left natural depending on your preference.

Advantages of Wooden Wine Barrels Over Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are convenient, lightweight, inexpensive, and recyclable. But, they lack durability and cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Because of this, they're not suitable for storing certain foods. For instance, you wouldn't store fresh produce in a bag. Instead, you'd put it into a cooler. Likewise, you shouldn't store hot liquids in plastic bottles.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size for Your Home

Before you start shopping for decorative wine barrels, think about where you plan to display them. Once you know which option works best for you, you can narrow down your choices based on price, style, color, material, and design.

Types of Wooden Wine Barrels Available

There are several varieties of wooden wine barrels available today. Each type comes in its own distinct shape and size.

Wine barrels - These are round shaped containers that hold approximately 12 gallons of liquid. Wine barrels are commonly found in restaurants and wineries.

Champagne buckets - Champagne buckets are rectangular shaped containers that hold approximately 6 liters of liquid. Champagne buckets are perfect for serving champagne during parties.

Choosing Between Oak & Pine

Oak and pine are two popular woods used to create wooden wine barrels. Both woods are sturdy and strong. However, oak tends to be darker in color while pine is lighter in tone. Regardless of whether you choose oak or pine, both woods are equally good choices.

Features to Look For When Buying a Decorative Barrels

Decorating your house doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars. One way to achieve this goal is by purchasing a decorative wine barrel. Wine barrels are great additions to homes because they give homeowners a chance to show off their creativity. With so many designs and finishes available, it's possible to find a wine barrel that matches almost anything in your home.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing A Decorative Wine Barrel?

There are several benefits associated with purchasing a decorative wine barrel. First, wine barrels are beautiful pieces of art. They can enhance the décor of your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, deck, porch, garage, basement, attic, laundry room, mudroom, pantry, entryway, etc. Second, wine barrels are versatile. They can be placed anywhere in your home where you'd normally store wine bottles. Third, wine barrels are functional. They can hold hundreds of gallons of liquid. Fourth, wine barrels are environmentally friendly. They're recyclable and biodegradable. Fifth, wine barrels are affordable. Sixth, wine barrels are fun. They can be personalized with names, initials, dates, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, family members' names, pets' names, sports teams, school mascots, favorite movies, TV shows, songs, quotes, poems, Seventh, wine barrels are practical. They can be used to store everything from spices to craft supplies. Eighth, wine barrels are useful.

Different Types Of Decorative Barrels

Decorative barrels are great for storing wine, beer, spirits, and other beverages. If you plan to store alcohol, it's important to choose a quality product. Otherwise, you risk spoiling your drink by allowing it to go bad. That said, choosing the right type of barrel isn't always straightforward.

Wine barrels - Wine barrels are ideal for storing red wines. They're made from wood and lined with cork. Cork absorbs oxygen which prevents oxidation and preserves the flavor of the wine.

Beer barrels - Beer barrels are perfect for storing lager beers. They're made from stainless steel and lined with polyethylene. Polyethylene protects the beer from bacteria growth.

Which Type Of Barrel Is Best For My Needs?

The type of barrel you select depends on several factors. First, you must decide whether you intend to store alcoholic drinks or nonalcoholic ones. Second, you must determine whether you prefer a traditional design or something modern. Third, you must think about storage capacity. Fourth, you must consider price. Lastly, you must weigh durability versus style.

Traditional Design vs Modern Style

There are two main categories of decorative barrels: Traditional and contemporary. Traditional designs are characterized by simple lines and straight edges. Contemporary designs are bolder and flatter. Both styles are suitable for storing wine, beer, and spirits. However, traditional barrels are preferred for storing white wines and sparkling wines. Meanwhile, contemporary barrels are favored for storing dark liquors.

Storage Capacity

Decorative barrels come in varying capacities. Smaller barrels hold only a few bottles. Larger barrels accommodate dozens of bottles.


Prices vary depending on the material used to construct the barrel. Wood barrels are cheaper than glass or metal alternatives. Metal barrels are pricier than wood or glass versions. Prices also depend on the shape and size of the barrel.


Wooden barrels are stronger than glass or metal containers. However, they're prone to cracking and splitting. Wooden barrels are therefore unsuitable for storing liquids containing acids or strong solvents. Glass and metal barrels are far more resistant to breakage.

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