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How To Choose The Best Boot Tray

What is the Purpose Of A Boot Tray?

Boot trays are useful tools for storing shoes and boots. They're especially helpful for people who live in cold climates where snowfall occurs frequently. Boots and shoes become wet during winter months and it's difficult to dry them out once they've been soaked. Boot trays allow you to store your footwear outside so that they remain drier and cleaner.

How Does a Boot Tray Benefit My Home?

The main benefit of a boot tray is its ability to hold multiple pairs of shoes and boots. If you own several pairs of shoes and boots, you might end up with too many shoe boxes scattered around your house. Instead of wasting storage space by stacking them together, you can simply put them inside a boot tray. Additionally, boot trays are great for organizing shoes and boots.

Is It Easy To Maintain a Boot Tray?

Maintaining a boot tray isn't particularly complicated. All you need to do is wash it occasionally with warm water and mild detergent. Then, let it air dry before putting it away. Make sure to check the bottom of the boot tray periodically to ensure no debris has accumulated.

Can I Store Other Things Inside a Boot Tray?

Yes! You can store anything inside a boot tray. Just remember to only stack items that fit snugly within the confines of the boot tray. Otherwise, they could fall out and cause injury.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Boot Tray

Boot trays are essential pieces of furniture for anyone living in a house with hardwood floors. If you own a wood flooring, it's important to purchase a good quality boot tray so that you can protect your floors from getting scratched or damaged by boots. Even though boot trays are inexpensive, they can actually end up costing you money in the future. That's why it's important to choose wisely when shopping for a boot tray. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality boot tray.

It Protects Wood Floors From Getting Damaged

Wood floors are beautiful and elegant. Unfortunately, they're vulnerable to being damaged by foot traffic. Boots walking across the floor can scratch and gouge the wood. Over time, this can cause permanent marks and cracks. Fortunately, boot trays can help protect your floors from getting scratched and marred.

They Make Walking Easier

Walking around the house isn't always pleasant. Sometimes, you might slip and fall. Luckily, boot trays can help reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Since they're sturdy enough to support weight, they can help prevent injuries caused by tripping and falling. Additionally, they can help protect your feet from sharp edges and rough spots found on the ground.

They Look Great!

Finally, boot trays can give your home a finished appearance. With a few simple touches, you can transform your home into something special. Adding a decorative accent piece like a boot tray can really bring your home together.

Features to Look For When Buying a Boot Tray

Boot trays are useful pieces of furniture that can improve the appearance of your entranceway. If you live in a cold climate, it's important to purchase a boot tray that has insulation inside. This way, you'll stay warm during winter months. Additionally, a boot tray protects your floors from moisture and snow build-up. Furthermore, a boot tray prevents mud and debris from getting into your house. Lastly, a boot tray makes your entranceway appear cleaner by preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on its bottom.

Do I Need One?

Yes! Even though you might think that you only need a boot tray if you have boots outside your door, you actually need one no matter where you live. Boots create puddles of muddy footprints on your carpeting which eventually leads to stains. Not only does a boot tray reduce the amount of mess created by boots, it also eliminates the need to sweep around the bottoms of your shoes.

Which Type of Boot Trays Are Available?

There are two main types of boot trays: solid and wire. Solid boot trays are made from wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite material. Wire boot trays are made from stainless steel mesh. Both types of boot trays are available in several designs and finishes.

Is Insulation Important?

Insulated boot trays are essential for anyone living in colder climates. During wintertime, you'll notice that your feet become cold quickly. An insulated boot tray will trap body heat and keep your feet warmer.

Can I Get One Installed At Home Depot?

No. Although you can install a boot tray yourself, it's always safer to hire a professional installer. Professionals know exactly how to properly install a boot tray so that it looks great and lasts a lifetime.

Does My Entranceway Have Enough Room For A Boot Tray?

The answer depends on whether you plan to put boots directly on the ground or hang them on hooks. If you choose to hang your boots on hooks, you'll need enough room between the wall and the front edge of the boot tray. Otherwise, you'll end up damaging the walls.

Will My Entryway Appear Dirty After Hanging Boots On Hooks?

It doesn't matter how well you store your boots. Eventually, they'll leave marks on your walls. That's why it's crucial to invest in a boot tray. With a boot tray, you'll eliminate the possibility of leaving permanent marks on your walls.

Different Types Of Boot Tray

Boot trays are useful tools that can be placed inside boots to hold shoes, bags, umbrellas, etc. While it's true that boot trays are primarily intended for outdoor purposes, they can also serve indoor functions. For instance, they can be used to store shoes, hats, scarves, coats, purses, and so forth. If you own a pair of boots, you might want to invest in a boot tray.

Bucket style - Bucket style boot trays are ideal for storing smaller items such as gloves, socks, and jewelry. They're also great for holding keys, coins, and change.

Caddy style - Caddy style boot trays are perfect for storing larger items such as jackets, sweaters, and umbrellas. They're also good for holding shoes, handbags, and briefcases.

Which Type Is Best For My Needs?

The type of boot tray you choose depends largely upon its function. For instance, if you plan to carry lots of stuff around outside, bucket style boot trays are probably the way to go. Meanwhile, caddy style boot trays are ideal for storing larger items indoors. Lastly, tote bag style boot trays are great for transporting bulky items.

Do I Need One?

It really depends on whether you intend to use your boot tray outdoors or indoors. Outdoor boot trays are mainly meant for storage purposes. That said, they're also handy for protecting footwear from mud and debris. Indoor boot trays are mostly used for storing shoes, bags, and accessories.

Can I Store More Than Just Shoes Inside My Boot Tray?

Yes! You can store anything inside your boot tray. Boots, bags, umbrellas, hats, scarves, coats, and so forth.

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