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based on 10461 reviews


Product Dimensions: 16 x 22.5 x 34 inches

Item Weight: 20.9 pounds

Manufacturer: Whitmor

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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based on 9183 reviews


Product Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 36.7 inches

Item Weight: 25.6 pounds

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 50 Pounds

Batteries Required: No


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Item Weight: ‎22.7 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎23.7 x 15.75 x 28.74 inches


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Item Weight: ‎134 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎18 x 53.5 x 36 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No


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Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 30.6 inches

Item Weight: 24.7 pounds

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 176 Pounds, 80 Kilograms

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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based on 5406 reviews


Item Weight: ‎15.56 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎23.12 x 12 x 29.87 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No


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Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 15.7 x 32.7 inches

Item Weight: 28.6 pounds

Manufacturer: soges

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


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Item Weight: ‎10.13 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎13.5 x 21.12 x 23 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No

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Microwave Cart Buyer's Manual: How to Select the Perfect Microwave Cart for Your Kitchen

Different types of microwave carts


A microwave cart is the best option for moving your microwave around in your kitchen. This will be more useful if you have a small kitchen.

A microwave cart that can be moved around will make it easier to store and move.

You might also consider storing your microwave in a pantry or another closet nearby. This will allow you to keep your microwave safe and accessible, but it will also make it easy to move out of your way when you don't need it.


A stationary unit is a good option for homeowners with larger kitchens. They won't need to be concerned about how much space the microwave cart takes up. The stationary unit can be used as a permanent fixture in the kitchen. A stationary microwave cart is great for those who have more space or want to store more than your microwave.

Because the cart won't move around in the kitchen, you will be able to store fragile items and liquids comfortably on it. If you decide to purchase a stationary microwave cart, make sure you have enough space in the kitchen for it to fit. You don't want something that is too big or bulky in your home.

Different types of material for microwave carts


A microwave cart with marble countertops will add elegance to your kitchen. Marble is a beautiful choice for your microwave cart. It looks amazing and instantly enhances the look of your kitchen. Marble is extremely heat-resistant and will not catch fire if it gets too hot.

It is ideal for your microwave because you will be heating food to a very high temperature and can place the warmed dishes on the counter if there's enough space. This natural stone is resistant to cracks and other damage, so you won't have to worry that your counter will become damaged or make your microwave cart look bad.

The material wood

A wood-counter microwave cart looks great and is very easy to maintain. You can easily update the look of your microwave cart by staining and painting wood.

When choosing a microwave counter with wooden counters, it is important to match the look and decor of your kitchen. Your microwave cart shouldn't stand out in your kitchen. So, make sure you carefully choose your new cart.

The Butcher Block

People are increasingly looking for microwave carts that have butcher block countertops. They are extremely durable and can withstand hot items from your microwave, as well as hot utensils you place on the counter.

Because it can be used as a cutting board and is durable, butcher block has been widely praised in the kitchen for a long time. Although you might not have enough counter space to use as a cutting board on your microwave, it is possible.


You should choose a metal-countertop microwave cart if you are looking for a modern and stylish design. These carts will be as functional as those with other materials on the counter, but they will instantly update your space and make it look more industrial or contemporary, depending on which design you choose.

You want one that is easy to clean. This is one of the major benefits of metal. The counter should not get too hot. You don't want it to heat up and cause you to burn if you place food right out of the microwave. This problem can be avoided by using a smaller microwave cart that does not have enough space to hold hot food.


A microwave cart with at least one drawer is an excellent way to store items and conceal them when guests are visiting. This space can be used to quickly clean your kitchen and is also a great place for hot pads when you're heating food in the microwave. You don't have to worry about the pull in the drawer. It can be easily changed to match the hardware and pulls in your kitchen.


You will need to have casters if you want your microwave cart to be mobile in your kitchen. A common mistake homeowners make when buying a microwave cart is to think they can just buy a stationary cart but later add wheels if they need their microwave cart portable.

Although it's easy to just go to the local store and buy casters, attaching them to your microwave cart is dangerous. This task should be left to the professionals who make the microwave carts.

You may have to choose casters that are strong and large enough to hold and move the microwave cart. If they aren't attached properly, they can come loose and fall apart, creating a dangerous mess.

Microwave Carts: Features and Benefits

Open Storage

A microwave cart is a great way to organize more than your microwave. You can store dishes, utensils or food and spices in this extra storage, so you can grab them quickly while you cook. Open storage is a good option if you want your microwave cart to be easily accessible when you need it.

Open storage has its downsides. You have to work hard to keep it clean so it doesn't get cluttered. However, for many people, the ease of accessing what they need without opening drawers or cupboards makes it worthwhile.

Closed Storage

Closed storage is great for those who want to store extra items in their microwave cart, but don't want to have all the mess. Closed storage will allow you to use your microwave cart as a kitchen cart, but also store other kitchen items in the cart.

Closed storage is great for those who have a messy kitchen but want to quickly clean it up before company comes over. You can store items near the stove while you cook, and you can easily clean surfaces to maintain a neat and clean appearance.

A Cutting Board

A microwave cart that raises the microwave out of the way can have space for a cutting board. Many furniture pieces have one built in. A microwave cart that includes a cutting board and a counter space is smart. A microwave cart with a cutting board will allow you to keep your microwave close at hand so that you are always ready to use it.

FAQs: 0

What is a microwave cart?

A microwave cart is a piece of furniture that usually includes storage space and can be moved about while still maintaining its structural integrity. This is due to the manner it is mounted, which allows it to move freely without toppling over.

This piece of furniture is typically found in families and offices where microwaves are frequently used to heat food items such as popcorn, soups, noodles, and other similar items on a regular basis. The microwave shelf is attached to the base of the cart, which is divided into two halves.

The shelves are frequently height-adjustable, allowing them to accommodate larger goods such as large dishes or bowls. Due to the fact that microwaves are not really large enough to store food for more than a few minutes at a time, these carts are most commonly utilized for storage purposes.

Microwave carts are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and styles to meet the specific requirements of each particular customer.

They're mostly based on office furniture, but you can occasionally discover something more popular, such as an entertainment center that contains TV trays, or even some DIY designs that are not based on office furniture. It is entirely up to you to decide which type best complements your decor motif, as well as other functional considerations such as safety features.

Are microwave carts worth it?

Microwave carts are a great way to save space while also increasing the value of your home's decor. It is possible to utilize them as an entertainment center or as a serving station for family get-togethers, whether they take place indoors or outside.

Some microwaves are equipped with built-in support platforms that give them the appearance of small ovens rather than microwave shelves, making them more convenient to operate.

The main disadvantage of these carts is that you must pick one that best meets your unique requirements, whether it be in terms of height, storage space, or other factors, or you may end up paying more than the cost of a complete kitchen renovation.

How are microwave carts different from other furniture items?

Generally, people purchase typical furniture items for their homes because they are comfortable, visually appealing, reflect the concept of the house, or are long-lasting.

Microwave carts are distinct from other types of furniture in that they do not perform the same function as a standard piece of furniture. Despite the fact that they can still be used for their original function, they can also be utilized for a variety of other purposes, such as storing microwaves and other kitchen appliances, serving food items during parties, and so on.

Aside from that, these carts have been constructed in such a way that the user's safety is never jeopardized. When heating or cooking, there are several covers available that can be used to keep your food safe from getting burned by steam or splashed with boiling water, reducing the danger of burns.

How do I choose the best microwave cart?

Microwave carts are available in a variety of forms and colors, so only you can decide which one is best for your home.

A cart with adjustable shelves and wheels is the greatest choice for frequent use since it allows you to move it about your kitchen to the most convenient location without having to carry or drag it.

Aside from that, make sure you use coupons and discounts when purchasing the item, as these carts are not inexpensive and are frequently offered during sales promotions.

How much is the cost of a microwave cart?

In most cases, carts do not cost more than $300, but if you want something prettier or more durable, you may have to spend a little more money. Before purchasing any microwave cart, it is recommended that you evaluate the many brands and dealers in order to get the best deal possible on the cart.

There are numerous coupon and discount websites that can assist you in saving money while still receiving a near-perfect quality product for your home. Just because you're purchasing the cart at a reduced price does not imply that it will be weak or structurally unsound.

If you live alone and don't consume a lot of food at once, microwave carts aren't going to be particularly useful. The only disadvantage is that microwaves aren't actually large enough to hold a lot of food.

Are microwave carts durable?

High-quality carts are typically constructed of stainless steel, making them extremely durable. They have been constructed in such a way that if you ever need to relocate them, it will be simple for you to do so without the need to employ any additional assistance or hire a moving truck.

The construction is normally sturdy enough to hold your microwaves, but if you require something even stronger or larger, it may be necessary to pay more than the standard price range, which should always be taken into consideration before making a purchasing decision.

It has also been equipped with safety elements in order to maintain optimum airflow and ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any snags along the way.

How much storage space do I get with microwave carts?

Some types are equipped with adjustable shelves, which allow you to increase or decrease the amount of storage space available depending on how you want to utilize them.

When it comes to storage capacity, microwave carts typically have a capacity of about 18 inches, and the typical shelf height is between 20 and 22 inches, although there are some models that can be adjusted so that they can accommodate heights of up to 28 inches, which should be more than enough for a family of average size.

How do I maintain my microwave cart?

Due to the fact that microwave carts are not particularly large, they require little maintenance aside from routine cleaning. If you want to keep your cart clean, simply wipe it down with a cotton or microfiber cloth after each usage to get rid of any grease or grime that has accumulated over time.

Where do I place my microwave cart?

Microwave carts can be put wherever in your kitchen as long as it is an easy-to-reach location for you to access them when needed. The majority of the carts available for purchase online have been constructed with adjustable shelves and wheels, allowing them to be moved around with relative ease.

It's great if you keep your cart at the same height as where you normally stand while using your microwave because this will make it much easier for you to transport food back and forth without losing any of it or wasting any of it throughout the process.

How do I clean my microwave cart?

A regular cleaning routine will be required for your microwave cart in order for it to remain in proper working order. All you have to do is wipe the surface down with a cotton or microfiber towel after each use to prevent food particles from becoming stuck to it.

If you use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice on a daily basis, they can help disinfect the surface of your microwave cart, which makes cleaning much easier and less time-consuming.

Is there a warranty for my microwave cart?

Depending on the manufacturer, different warranties are available. However, most microwave carts come with at least a 90-day warranty, with major companies offering a 10-year warranty on their goods.

Make sure you read all of the specifics before making a purchase because this will ensure that you are aware of exactly what is being supplied by the vendor.

Are microwave carts stable?

Microwaves typically have a weight capacity of roughly 30 pounds, allowing them to be utilized to store a substantial amount of material. Check to see that you are not overloading your cart, as this could result in an accident and the entire cart toppling to the ground, potentially inflicting serious injury.

In addition, before using the cart, make sure that the wheels are securely secured into place. This will prevent the cart from tipping over or becoming imbalanced due to uneven surfaces such as carpets and tiles.

How do I set up a microwave cart?

In most cases, microwave carts are built for quick and simple assembly, so they can be set up in a short amount of time and be ready to use right away.

It is critical that you thoroughly read the directions before assembling anything because this will ensure that you understand exactly what needs to be done in order to construct your goods correctly.

Is a microwave cart only for microwaves?

Microwave carts are generally designed to hold small kitchen appliances and other items of a similar size and weight, so it is not necessary to place a microwave on one of these carts, although a microwave would be the most common type of appliance you would see stored on one of these carts.

Microwave carts are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Microwave carts can also be used to store items such as dishes, tablecloths, and cutlery, which frees up valuable storage space in cabinets and other storage areas in the kitchen.

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